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3/27/2021 - Acne curing

As you know from reading this website, soon after I was diagnosed with cancer in Feb. 2019, I discovered the truth and power of nutrition, and made a radical change to a plant-food, unprocessed diet.  Since then, over time, as I continue to investigate and learn, my regimen evolves.  I'd long since quit processed oils, but the latest evolution was quitting the "good" oils like olive oil or avocado oil.  I immediately noticed some improvement in my acne.  So after further research on the subject, I tried an experiment of cutting even fat/oil-rich whole foods that I was eating a lot of, like avocados, nuts/seeds, olives, and coconut milk, to see if it would improve even more.

Within THREE DAYS, my acne had noticeably receded, and was about 95% gone by day EIGHT.  That was UNPRECEDENTED in my experience, it was like a miracle.  The experiment is an undeniable success.  Time will tell if this progress holds, I'm still early in the game as I write this.  Yes, the anecdotal advice to quit, say, chocolate or milk, is actually on the right track because of their fat content, and for some people that works.  But apparently the only solution for a stubborn case is to cut fat/oil DRASTICALLY.  

I've been dealing with acne continuously since I was a kid, at least FORTY YEARS now.  Back in the day, I'd been through the poisons of antibiotics and Accutane, that only work temporarily.  I had tried every other type of dietary changes (even my initial radical diet change wasn't enough).  The only relief I could ever get was by using topical creams like Clearasil, but it required religious daily use to get good enough results, and such consistency was hard to sustain.  But on this latest diet regimen, it is resolving, with no effort.  And as far as I'm concerned, all disease is systemic, so anything that improves health in any way helps helps broadly, including as to cancer.

All this time, FORTY YEARS, it was that simple.  Yet no traditional "doctor" knows this.  Meanwhile, this is old news in certain naturopathic circles (thank you Dr. John McDougall).  FORTY YEARS.  Tried everything.  Then remarkable progress in only about ONE WEEK.  The irony is shocking.  There ya go.



I finally did it, I added ozone infusions and mistletoe injections to my cancer therapy regimen.  These are provided by my naturopathic doctor.  We'll see if it helps.