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My experience with Juicers

I drink a ton of homemade juice, about 1-2 quarts daily.  The juicer I used for a long time was a Champion juicer.  I then tried a Greenstar, then went back to my Champion.  Then I discovered the Nama, and I've been using it ever since.  No matter what juicer I've used, I still run carrot juice through a strainer because it's otherwise too pulpy for my preference (this only applies to carrot juice).  Here is my opinion about the juicers I've used.  However, any juicer will do, especially if you already have one.  The best juicer for you is the one you'll actually use.

Champion - It's a very good quality juicer.  But unfortunately, the company stopped making juicers in 2022, and now just supplies replacement parts.  But if you can find one (they're not hard to find), it's still a good juicer.
- It does the job well, particularly for solid vegetables like carrots.  It's relatively easy to push foods through the chute, if you don't overload it.  For greens, it's best to use the separate greens attachments (although I never did, I just mixed the greens with other foods).
- It's extremely simple, and easy to disassemble and clean.

Greenstar - It's on the more expensive side.  But it's a very good quality juicer.
- It does the job well, without the need for various attachments for different types of foods.
- But for solid vegetables like carrots, it takes a lot of effort to push them down the chute, since the blades do not have exposed sharp edges.  It helps to cut the carrots into small pieces.  But I found this to be labor intensive.
- It has more parts to disassemble and clean, and it takes a lot of scrubbing effort to get the strainer completely clean.

Nama - This is my favorite, which I now use all the time.
- It juices anything, without the necessity of special attachments.
- It's relatively quiet.
- It doesn't require pushing food down a chute, just open the lid and fill the hopper (but you can put food through the hole in the hopper lid while it's running).  It's also not necessary to cut the food very small.  Just put the food in the hopper, and it chops it and pulls it in by itself.  This is a HUGE labor saver, both as to prep, and in allowing you to do other things in between hopper-fillings.
- The juice drain has a stopper valve, so you can leave the juicer running for a minute without worrying about overflowing the catch container.  Again, this allows you to do other things between juice-emptyings, including allowing you to keep the juicer running while you empty the juice container, which is a time and labor saver.
- It is relatively easy to disassemble and clean.

I juice vegetables and greens, not fruit, although any juicer can handle fruit perfectly well.  The reason I do this is because I don't drink fruit juice, because it has too high of a sugar-to-fiber ratio.  Instead I drink fruit puree, which retains the whole fruit, which I make in a Vita-Mix blender.  I then mix in some of the fruit puree as an ingredient in my vegetable juice recipe.  The fruit puree has a lot of uses, it makes fantastic smoothies, dehydrated fruit-leather snacks, additive to oatmeal, substitute for pancake syrup, etc.

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