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The fixations I described on this website about paradigms defining health practices, evolution, environmentalism, global-warmism, and animal rights are typical of what ideologues are pursuing.  Ideology is fundamentally a substitute to fill the gap of spiritual discontentment.  In other words, if you don’t have a genuine, functional relationship with God, you will find or create some idol to substitute for that.  And ideologies are tempting substitutes because they provide superficial, easy virtue, not requiring any humility or responsibility for personal immorality.  In other words, it’s easy to wishfully believe you’re a “good” person for advocating for saving the planet, saving the animals, being a hero for some weak victim group (real or imagined), etc.  But when you have a relationship with God, and your sins are forgiven, and you are unconditionally accepted by God and assured of eternal salvation as a free gift, you are freed from having to earn phony virtue, free to be OBJECTIVE about the real world, free from rigid ideology, free to be PRACTICAL.

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