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What causes cancer?

Based on my research and experience, this is my current opinion.

Cancer is caused by a combination of two major factors:  (1) microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungus, or parasites) that commandeer cells, and (2) a state of deficient health and/or deficient immune system that is conducive to the microbial action.  Things that have become known as carcinogens are carcinogenic because they injure certain tissues, making them more susceptible to these dynamics, or otherwise create impaired health that is a hospitable, enabling condition for the microbial action, and cancer, to thrive.  The microbes are ubiquitous; most cannot be avoided.  So what you can do is optimize your health and immune system as the best defense, and that requires supplying your body with optimal, proactive nutrition and lifestyle, and not taxing it with chemicals, drugs, unhealthy foods, toxic substances, stress, risky medical procedures, etc.  Cancer is rooted in stem cells, which is why chemotherapy* cannot cure it; it is palliative at best, and counterproductive at worst.  Radiation* is palliative only, it cannot cure it.  Surgery only debulks tumor load, which may or may not set the disease back far enough, since the disease is systemic.  Immunotherapy* is a false hope because its hazards usually outweigh its benefits.  All of these methods pose a high risk of ultimately causing the cancer to become more aggressive.  None of these methods, nor any conventional medical approaches, address the root cause, of unhealthy diet/lifestyle.  The failure to appreciate all these facts is the fatal flaw in conventional medical treatment.  Does changing to a radically healthy diet/lifestyle provide a 100% success rate of curing cancer?  No, but its success rate is high, especially compared to the abjectly dismal track record of conventional medical treatments.  This natural method has a better track record, on average, of diminishing cancer long-term, than any other treatment, by an extremely wide margin.

( * When a doctor prescribes any of these treatments, what that really means, as a practical matter, is:  "We can't cure you, so we're throwing this at it, because it's all we have, and we need to feel like we're 'doing something,' even though the 'something' doesn't do much good.")

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