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I've observed that all of the advice and drastic mandates to prevent coronavirus (Covid-19) concern external measures.  If we took the medical and government experts' advice at face value, we'd be left to assume there are no internal measures that could be helpful.  But there certainly are internal measures that could be helpful.  So the omission of this category from the medical and government experts' advice is inexcusable.  Listen to your mommy and eat lots of fruits and veggies and take your vitamins.  Or listen to me and do the same thing to an exponentially greater degree.

The cancer-fighting diet/supplementation described on this website is immunity-boosting in general, and is an example of an internal measure that could provide a critical layer of protection against coronavirus.  It is admittedly extreme if the goal is not cancer-fighting.  But for general health and immunity boosting (again, I'm not a doctor, and this is not medical advice), if you want to increase your internal defense against coronavirus, based on my own experience benefiting from this regimen in my overall health, I suggest the following elements of the regimen (also see my "Health improvement chart" on my Resources page):

- Significantly reduce, or eliminate, sugar and junk food.

- Significantly increase the ratio of fruits and vegetables compared to animal products.  Consider adding juicing.

- Supplement with herbals and vitamins, particularly vitamins C and D3,  Zinc, and Quercetin.  Recently I've been taking more vitamin C than my normal regimen; I'm taking about 2-3 teaspoons of vitamin C per day, in my juices (a blend of 1/2 ascorbic acid, 1/2 sodium ascorbate, which is better absorbed and tolerated than ascorbic acid).

- Open your mind and research natural measures.  We have the benefit of living in the internet age where there is an avalanche of information at our fingertips.  Yes, you have to be diligent and analytical to sift out the nonsense, but DO IT.  It could save your life like it did mine.

I got covid, and I knocked it down in just a few days with the very thing the FDA opposes:  vitamins C and D3,  Zinc, Quercetin, and Ivermectin.

What I learned from my two experiences with my disease (and a lot of other experiences) is that experts are not automatically reliable.  Even though they mean well, they are flawed people just like you and me, with their own biases and agendas, functioning under constraints beyond their control or your knowledge, and cannot possibly have the same amount of concern for your well-being as YOU can.  YOU are the one whose life and health are at stake, and it is YOUR responsibility to evaluate advice and information critically instead of believing it just because the expert says it.  In my case, I refused expert advice many, many times because my analysis or research proved it was either not the best alternative, or just simply incorrect.  I achieved the successful results I did because I employed this process of scrutiny, not affording anyone or anything any automatic credibility.  Expert advice was a valuable resource only after being filtered through my own analysis.  I am not a doctor, but I can certainly perform logical analysis, when armed with reliable, meaningful data.  And by the way, I am a lawyer, so I know a thing or two about logical analysis and what constitutes reliable proof.  And oh yeah, in my business I see qualified experts strongly disagreeing with each other all the time, which indicates there certainly are very strong biases and blind spots in the mix, among very intelligent, well-qualified people.

This applies to coronavirus.  The official response to it has been very, very expert-advice-driven, but with too little scrutiny on the experts' analysis or conclusions.  The experts are operating largely in the realm of speculative models, not proven facts.  And they are doing what experts do, assuming their narrow expertise accounts for the entire universe of relevant factors of a matter, when in reality the universe of relevant factors is much, much larger than their expertise (if you ask a hammer, everything's a nail).  These experts have not been required to show their analysis, prove their conclusions, or take any responsibility for the drastic, destructive measures they have recommended/mandated.  And they each parrot each other; precious few of them are an original, independent source.  Therefore the burden falls on YOU to apply critical analysis, do research, ask follow-up questions, and demand proof before you draw any conclusions.  The phenomenon of reckless caution compelled by fear of grave error has prevailed over critical analysis and sound judgment.  Coronavirus is a hazard, but the danger has been exaggerated, and the drastic measures against it are like a nuclear bomb on a single enemy building; they're overkill.  And don't even get me started about the mistakes being made in treatment, testing, data compilation, and media reporting.

For a proven treatment protocol from a REAL expert, see:

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