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Not a Purist


I am not a purist.  I am careful not to adopt arbitrary, rigid standards.  For example, while avoiding “processed” foods is a good rule of thumb, I treat is as such, just a rule of thumb, with certain exceptions, not as an absolute rule.  For example, the vegetable juice I consume large quantities of daily is “processed,” by the juicing itself.  Bread is a processed food because the grain is ground into flour.  Supplements are processed products because they are isolated or concentrated from some original source.  So I make intelligent distinctions in the standard of avoiding "processed" products.  As another example, I personally consume near zero animal products because I am curing my cancer, and therefore need a radical approach.  But in the abstract, animal products could be incorporated into a healthy diet, as long as it’s a very small proportion of the overall diet, and the products are natural, free of all the harmful things that result from the typical modern paradigm. 

Also, my understanding and practices change and evolve over time as I learn and experience more, so I am careful to adapt to a better understanding rather then remain trapped in an idea or pattern.  When I discover I was wrong or there’s a better alternative, I change my mind and my practices, radically if necessary.

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