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As to my "quitting" numerous whole categories of foods, that may sound too strict and unsustainable for you to consider adopting.  But it's not about will-power or even commitment.  It's about understanding the truth.  It's actually quite easy for me to avoid what I avoid because ... I KNOW IT'S NOT FOOD, and now that I know that, I can't un-know it.


You don't eat wood, wax, or feathers because it's not food, and similarly I don't eat "enriched" flour, ice cream, or bacon because it's not food.  So it's not even tempting.  It's as simple as that.  Plus, now that I've experienced the abundant benefits of living on only REAL FOOD, actually suitable for human biology, I have no desire to go back to the degenerating pattern I successfully escaped from; the hook in that bait is just too conspicuous to ignore.  This fitting way of living just gets easier and more natural the longer I do it.


I eat whatever yummy REAL FOOD I want, as much as I want.  I never count calories or protein or anything.  I never go hungry, deprived, or unsatisfied.  And I stay trim and healthy without even trying.

My diet is not limiting, it's liberating.

Your unhealthiness or weight problem is not because of your genetics, personality, history, bad luck, lack of will-power, lack of exercise, or lack of conscientiousness about health or diet.  It's because you don't know that the "foods" you are eating are not suitable human food.  Swap in REAL FOODS for the non-foods, and your health, weight, and overall well-being will dramatically improve by itself.

Diet guidelines: