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Often, when I talk to people who are interested in the diet concepts I discuss, they ask me if I can recommend or provide any recipes.  I don't have any, for multiple reasons.  First, my own diet is very simplistic.  For example, one of the most common "recipes" I utilize is simply rice + vegetables + spices, nothing complicated.  Another recipe is simply "fruit."  Lots of it.  Or "oatmeal."  Or "salad."  Or "bean tostada."  My wife occasionally makes more complicated recipes; I eat them without knowing how to make them myself.  I just haven't gotten around to learning anything more complicated, or even some of the things I have learned and utilized, I don't have the time to compile and publish.  Second, I've been very disappointed by the recipes I've found that attempt to mimic or substitute for meat-based or oil-based foods; I've lost interest in trying to substitute fake stuff for what I no longer eat.  Third, and most importantly, there are a lot of other resources that address this subject better than I could.  Whenever I consult outside sources for recipes, I just make sure to avoid animal products, oil, refined/processed products, and sugar (I find that in a lot of "vegan" or "vegetarian" recipes, it's common to find oil and refined/processed products, so I have to be very discriminating).  Maybe eventually I'll post some information or links, but it's not a priority for me.  In the meantime, just be creative.  And hunt around, the internet is full of ideas.

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