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If you were to ask me what I think is the SINGLE biggest toxic factor out there, what would I say?  Based on all my research, analysis, and experience, I am coming to believe it is OIL, particularly the processed seed oils.  It's a pervasive additive to zillions of food products.  It's the best example of woefully mistaken and misguided FDA approval.  It's a toxic industrial lubricant, NOT HUMAN FOOD.  It wreaks havoc in the body in numerous ways, causing or exacerbating virtually EVERY chronic disease, and of course it's the most relevant culprit in obesity by far.  Because oil is such a pervasive additive, and so commonly combined with other unhealthy additives or junk foods, if you avoid/eliminate oil from your diet, you will not only have avoided this toxic poison, but you will also concurrently avoid a host of other unhealthy things coupled with it, such that you will have automatically accomplished a huge proportion of the goal of achieving a healthy diet, just by eliminating this one factor (and you'll lose unwanted weight effortlessly).  Do an experimental grocery shopping trip, avoiding anything with oil in the ingredient list, and you'll probably find your shopping cart will have mostly produce, and virtually zero processed or packaged foods. Unfortunately, and unnecessarily, this poison is EVERYWHERE.  And that pervasiveness, and the popular and professional ignorance of its toxicity, explain our modern epidemic of chronic diseases.

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