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My general recommendations for improving health/losing weight.  Choose a higher level for better results.

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There are two independent hazards associated with animal products: the dosage, and the quality.

1.  If your diet consists of animal products exceeding a proportion of approximately 5-10% of your diet, that's too much, it's a toxic dosage.  Cheese is particularly risky, because it constitutes such a high concentration of animal fat, animal protein, and refined salt.

2.  The quality of commercially produced animal products is bad, representing an independent layer of toxicity.  Here are the negative factors:  improper and GMO animal feed, herbicides and pesticides in animal feed, antibiotics and hormones given to livestock, excessive estrogen from pregnant milking cows, stressful conditions affecting livestock's hormones, homogenization and pastuerization of dairy products, added chemicals in processed meats, and ocean pollution in seafood.




God.  Read the bible, believe it, obey it.  Pray.  Stay on that path permanently.

This is what started my journey of healing:

Book: "Chris Beat Cancer" by Chris Wark.

Here's a list of experts, most of whom I've researched extensively and found to be prolific in sound advice, in contrast to the misguided conventional medical wisdom:

Diet/disease videos and guidelines:

Esselstyn on cardiovascular disease:

Esselstyn dietary rules:

McDougall dietary guidelines:

Goldhamer dietary concepts:

Barnard on diabetes being caused not by sugar but fat, and reversible by diet: 

Barnard on diabetes:

Barnard on diabetes:

Barnard diet guidelines

Ornish dietary guidelines:

Campbell on cancer:

Campbell diet guide:

Campbell on cancer:

Klaper on "olive oil is not healthy"

Klaper on carb-based diet for health and weight loss: 

Klaper on fasting and diet:

Lisle (weight loss is not about carbs, but fat):

Gregor's website providing scientific support for natural diet:

Gregor on animal protein:

Wark on how and why animal products foster cancer: (the relevant portion of the video is from 43:30 to 50:14).

Levy on toxicity of calcium supplementation:

Levy on toxicity of excess iron:

Steps I use to remove arsenic from rice before/during cooking (regarding arsenic contamination in rice, see

1.  Soak rice overnight in water, then discard soaking water.

2.  Boil fresh water, then add rice and parboil for 5 minutes, drain water, rinse rice.

3.  Cook/boil rice in fresh water, at 5:1 water:rice ratio, until tender, then drain and rinse like pasta.

Regarding fasting:

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

TrueNorth Health Center



Regarding the fasting-mimicking diet:  Book entitled, "The Longevity Diet," by Valter Longo, and his website:

and an interview of Dr. Longo by Chris Wark:

Regarding proof of the healthiest diet:

Book:  The Blue Zones by Ban Buettner

Gerson therapy:


Tests that are superior but your doctor knows nothing about:

Stool test that checks for 100 different things:

GI-MAP; DNA Stool Analysis
Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory

Blood test for cancer: 

American Metabolic Laboratories
954-929-4814 or 4895

Blood tests for cancer and analyzing which cancer treatments apply:

RGCC "Onconomic" test (also known as the “Greek” test)


"Cellect" mineral supplements as cancer therapy:

Ozone therapy:

Mistletoe for treating cancer:


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