My general recommendations for improving health/losing weight.  Choose a higher level for better results.

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God.  Read the bible, believe it, obey it.  Pray.  Stay on that path permanently.

This is what started my journey of healing:

Book: "Chris Beat Cancer" by Chris Wark.

Here's a list of experts, most of whom I've researched extensively and found to be prolific in sound advice, in contrast to the misguided conventional medical wisdom:

Diet guidelines:








Lisle (weight loss is not about carbs, but fat)

Type 2 diabetes is not caused by sugar, but fat.  It's reversible with diet alone, without cutting carbs.  Dr. Neal Barnard.

Another Barnard link.

Steps to remove arsenic from rice before/during cooking:

1.  Soak rice overnight in water, then discard soaking water.

2.  Boil fresh water, then add rice and parboil for 5 minutes, drain water, rinse rice.

3.  Cook/boil rice in fresh water, at 5:1 water:rice ratio, until tender, then drain and rinse like pasta.

Regarding fasting:

Dr. Alan Goldhamer

TrueNorth Health Center



Regarding the fasting-mimicking diet:  Book entitled, "The Longevity Diet," by Valter Longo, and his website:

and an interview of Dr. Longo by Chris Wark:

Regarding proof of the healthiest diet:

Book:  The Blue Zones by Ban Buettner

Gerson therapy:


Tests that are superior but your doctor knows nothing about:

Stool test that checks for 100 different things:

GI-MAP; DNA Stool Analysis
Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory

Blood test for cancer: 

American Metabolic Laboratories
954-929-4814 or 4895

Blood tests for cancer and analyzing which cancer treatments apply:

RGCC "Onconomic" test (also known as the “Greek” test)

​Things I'm currently researching:

"Cellect" mineral supplements as cancer therapy:

Ozone therapy: